”The world of tomorrow will be borderless. ”

Have you ever had any trouble when you’ve been to another country?
We try to make relieve the anxiety when people are in Japan.

・Things to do in Japan
・Where is Wi-Fi spot
・Where is the best restaurant
・Want to experience Japanese culture
・Where is the place which local people are.

If you want to know these things, Just join our event and ask us.
You can get useful information and find new friends.

We would like to support your trip goes well, show Japanese culture!

Company name
Comfy LLC
#3 5F Wako Nakamachi Bldg.
7-35 Nakamachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730-0037 Japan
Yuko Takata
6,000,000 JPY
English conversation class,Event plan,Web site translation agency,Inbound consulting

Comfy LLC

CEO Yuko Takata

What is a comfortable space for you?
Sit down on a cozy sofa or bed? Stay in a luxury hotel? Eat gorgeous food?
Travel in an expensive car? Have a butler serve you?

For me, it is in the house with my family and friends.
I can always feel relaxed and share precious time together.

I would like to make such a comfy space for people who come to Japan.
And I wish you can share precious time with local Japanese people.

We try to hold a lot of various activities to make a borderless world.